C3/DS Agents

It took me a little longer to get the hang of agent engineering than it did for gengineering (CAOs, while a very simple programming language, still isn't the sort of thing one can learn overnight). However, once I got the hang of it I didn't waste much time in pumping out agents.

My agents generally work with all game combinations - C3 standalone, DS standalone, and DS docked. It will be noted when this is not the case.

A big thank-you goes out to Mea of Caos of the Creatures Realm for making the graphics for a lot of these agents. I couldn't have made them without you.

I also made some agents which were hosted at Creatures @ CU7 before that website went down. You can download them below:

Food and Drink

Medicinal Compound
A bottle of Lily the Pink's celebrated Medicinal Compound. As the song goes, it is indeed "most efficacious in every case"; it is an excellent restorative for sick or otherwise ailing creatures, though it should also be noted that it's also very alcoholic and able to get most creatures drunk with only one sip. 
Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree originally created this COB for Creatures 1. As it was one of my favorite C1 COBs, I decided to convert it over to the game I play most often. 

Flora and Fauna

This interesting plant is known to drastically reduce the temperature of the areas in which it grows. It's great for overheated creatures or creatures fond of cold environments, but other creatures probably won't enjoy it as much (especially if they're Magma Norns or other heat-lovers). 
The flowers only reduce hotness as opposed to increasing coldness, so it's a good choice to help an overheating creature without pushing them too far in the other direction.
The plant's concept and sprites were made by Mea - I coded them for her in exchange for her helping me with some of my projects (namely the Metallophagus Grendels' Techno-Organic Carrot).

Watercup Mushrooms
The sprites by this mushroom were made by Mea independent of my input. At the time, Silence Falls was still in development. Before I saw these, I originally just planned to have the Waterfall Mushroom (included with the Waterfall Grendels) be the only plant in the room. However, I figured the Watercup Mushrooms would be a perfect fit for the room (and they were), so I coded them in. By Mea's request, I also made them into a standalone agent for those of you who want to just have the mushrooms and not the metaroom. 
They're pretty standard as far as plants go - they grow, they produce fruits and seeds, and they die. It is worth nothing that they can sprout in shallow water, provided that they can reach the surface. 

This variant of the Iceflower increases the light level of the rooms it grows in. It's not a carbon copy of the Iceflower in behavior, however - it grows more flowers than the Iceflower over the course of its lifespan; the seeds are dormant unless it's nighttime, dark, or not very crowded with other glowflowers; the flowers emit home smell when there's a bunch of the relevant species nearby; the plant and flower reduce homesickness when pushed and picked up, respectively; and the flower and seeds reduce anger when eaten.
Like the Iceflower, this plant was conceptualized and sprited by Mea - I coded them for her as yet another plant in the "Sprites-for-Agents" deal.

Oasis Shrimpton
The Shrimpton are tiny water bugs that are native to the Oasis metaroom. These ones behave a bit differently from their original counterparts: they're classified as "bug" instead of "critter," need plants instead of anemones for reproduction, and can be pushed, pulled, hit, and eaten by creatures.
Moe created the original Shrimpton, and Ghosthande made the Vendor as part of the Biodome pack (although the Shrimpton were not included in that pack). 

 Oasis Anemones
The anemones from the Oasis metaroom (and the Biodome pack) are certainly pretty, but they weren't very creature-friendly. I decided to fix that - these anemones are now fully interactive and provide creatures with edible seeds. That said, only the peach anemones are actually pleasant to interact with - the purple anemones are weeds that grow up to be slightly toxic.
The original anemones were created by Moe, and the launcher sprite was created by Ghosthande as a part of the Biodome pack. 

Sea Garden Pack One
The first set of plants from the fabled Sea Garden pack. Since it was taking forever, I decided to release it in chunks rather than sit on the completed agents for months and months and months. Pack One consists of two plants: the sea pen and the coralroot. 
The sea pen is a pretty standard aquatic plant - it grows, produces fruit, and then dies. It's notable solely for the fact that it partially addresses the epic lack of aquatic fruit. 
The coralroot is a carrot-esque plant. Once it's done growing, it serves as a tasty food item. If it's not eaten, it will eventually produce seeds and rot. If it is eaten, it will leave behind its stem as a toy. 


Offline Warp Portals
These portals both let creatures warp around your world while providing them with the exact same stims as an actual warp jump, which I've found other third-party portals (besides the Dummy Portals) fail to do. They're portable when closed, and creatures cannot use them unless there's two or more portals in the world and they all have the blue swirl within them.
Be aware that there's a bug with these: if you have a closed portal and a series of open portals in the same world, you will occasionally see a creature get warped to the closed portal. It doesn't happen frequently, but watch out all the same.

Garden Box

These agents require the Garden Box by Amaikokonut to work properly. Since the Garden Box is DS/DS Docked only, so are these agents.

C3 Sponges
These are exactly what they say on the tin - the sponges from the Aquatic Terrarium in Creatures 3, converted so that they work with Amai's Garden Box.  They're mostly the same as the original C3 sponges, but the seeds are edible, the plants themselves can be pushed and pulled, and the behavior of the seeds depends on the creature-to-sponge ratio. 

 C3 Gumin Grass
Another converted C3 plant for the Garden Box. While fundamentally still similar to their original counterparts, they throw out fully formed seeds instead of growing them on their leaves first, and have the ability to produce fully formed sproutlings should their numbers fall too low. The seeds also have variable behavior depending on creature-to-plant ratio: too many creatures, and the seeds become dormant, invisible, and inedible. 

C2 Anemones
 From C2 comes these anemones for use with the Garden Box. They're classified as "plant," but they're otherwise a straight conversion of the originals. Creatures might find them interesting playthings, but their main use is aquatic decor.

C3 Aquamites
As the name suggests, these are the aquamites from C3 converted to work with the Garden Box. Like the original aquamites, they drift around doing nothing much but looking pretty and providing food to creatures so inclined. Unlike the originals, they can be pushed, pulled, hit, and picked up, and furthermore they're more resistant to dying out.

The first patch plant I've made, and the first completely original Garden Box agent I've made. I noticed there was a lack of seed patch plants for the Garden Box; I mentioned this fact to Mea, and she made these acorns. Not a whole lot to them, really; they're just your basic edible seed. 


Edible Gadgets Geat Version
This is a variation of the Edible Gadgets agent included with the Metallophagus Grendels V2. As opposed to being determined by a chemical, this one is determined by species - it allows your geats to eat gadgets as soon as it's injected. It was created with Gaius in mind and so is tailored to his genetics, but it can be used with other geats.
There's some coding in here that was ripped from GAIA so that this script didn't cause issues when it was used in the same world as GAIA. Do note that it's a better idea to inject this after you inject GAIA as GAIA's version of the script will overwrite this one if she's injected second. 

Aquatic Terrarium Update
A little update for the C3 aquatic terrarium that alters the floor above the right fish nursery entrance. Now your baby aquatic creatures won't get stuck there anymore!

Swimming Agent V3
This agent, as the name suggests, will allow certain creatures to swim while in water. If you want to make your creatures swim, inject them with chemical 63.
The older versions of the swimming agents did their job well, but they still had some issues that were in dire need of being worked out. This agent fixes almost all of the major bugs that plagued the swimming agents before it - most notably, creatures are able to retreat from each other now. There are still some minor issues, but I don't think they affect it much and all in all I'm very proud of it.
V3 fixes the issue where swimming creatures would "jump up" a level when starting to swim, and also makes swimming look more natural. It was my sole release for the CCSF 2016.

All-Creature Autonamer and Wolfling Nametagger
The All-Creature Autonamer, as the name suggests, is an autonamer that will name all species of creature. It also names creatures randomly as opposed to basing it on generation, for a wider variety of names right from generation 1. It also works in C3 standalone. Otherwise, it's identical to the default DS autonamer.
The Wolfling Nametagger, when paired with the Creature Nametags, lets you see a creature's generation at a glance without the need of the Creature History. It's useful for long-running wolfling runs. It only works in DS/DS Docked, however (as the Creature Nametags are also DS/DS Docked only).