Sunday, February 18, 2024

Not Out for the Count Yet

I haven't really tried to mess with RAS since the debacle over them getting stupid for no apparent reason, mostly out of lack of will and partially out of lack of knowledge. Considering the original 2017s also had a similar problem, my best guesses are either the CFF Fullness Lobe or the wide variety of instincts RAS possesses messing with their decision making process somehow. Or maybe it's just one of my regularly used agents not being as creature-friendly as I thought it was. 

But after a while of mulling it over, I don't think I'm willing to give up Creatures entirely over it. There's other projects I could possibly pursue in the meantime. 

I still have my attempts at Gizmo-based and CFE-based RAS genomes lying around. If the issue lies with the 2017 base, there's two other options that might have a higher chance of success right there. In particular, there's the idea I had right at the beginning, which was to start with a CFE base and fix as many issues as I could while still maintaining compatibility. Though I'd be focusing on my personal bugbears, which are mostly that base CFEs eat too much, breed too much, and can suffer from irritating lactate-based mutations killing their muscles. 

I've had a particular thought about remaking the Enhanced ChiChi genome with a CFE base, implementing everything they tried to do in a manner that actually works. I've especially thought about doing this with a CFE Grendel base instead of a ChiChi base, because in all honesty I'm really tired of working with norns and want to start messing around with my preferred species. 

And if these Enhanced CFE Grendels work out, I'll have a nice base for future grendel breeds. Then maybe I'll think about taking another crack at base norn and ettin genomes. 

Stay tuned, folks.

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