Here you'll find all the downloads I've made for the Creatures series. There's a lot of them; I'm one of the most prolific developers in the history of the Creatures Community, if not the most prolific. Chances are there's something here that will tickle your fancy.

Feel free to share my work elsewhere, or make your own edits and improvements on it, or base something completely new on it. More than anything, I'd like to make sure future Creatures players can still enjoy my work even if this blog or its associated download site go down, and that future developers can learn from what I did. 

I would appreciate it if you credit me, keep the downloads intact as much as possible (that is, keeping the original readme and all files), and don't use my work to create anything offensive (such as promoting hate). 

Much of the artwork for the agents and metarooms was created by others, so if you want to edit the artwork for any reason I'd suggest checking in with those artists first before going ahead. 

And now for the downloads themselves, sorted by game.

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Creatures Village Downloads

Creatures Village isn't quite up the level of the main trilogy, but it is a fun little game in its own right. It also happens to have the same engine as C3, and so it didn't take a whole lot to jump from one game to the other in order to make some things for it. I originally had plans to make CV wolfling-run friendly, but sadly those plans never came to be. I did make one addition, or rather alteration, to the game.

CV Population Update
This update doubles the maximum population size of the game (from 4 to 8), as well as giving you more eggs to start with and allowing the females to lay more eggs. It also comes with a new set of genomes for the breeds that have the CFE Combination Lobe edit. I'm not entirely sure it works properly in CV, but it also doesn't seem to hurt anything.