C3/DS Downloads

Creatures 3 was my first Creatures game; it was the first game I ever injected third-party content into; it was the first game I ever actively started developing for; and it's my favorite game in the series. As such, the grand majority of my work is for Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

And there's a lot of stuff available - I'm one of the most prolific developers, if not the most prolific developer, in the history of the Creatures Community. I have over 100 genetic breeds to my name, including over 50% of the available C3/DS grendel genetic breeds.

A lot of that work was spread out over a number of websites, including the Norn Adoption Center, KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus, the Gameware Forums, and Creatures @ CU7. However, all of it should now be available at the Realm. If you find I'm missing an older download, feel free to contact me and I'll try to rectify that as soon as possible.

Due to the massive amount of content I've created for C3/DS, most of my work can be obtained from one of the three pages below.
  • Genetic Breeds - Breeds with a unique genome, but no unique sprites of their own. My specialty. 
  • Agents - New objects to add to your C3/DS world. 
  • Metarooms - New areas to add to your C3/DS world.
And below are the categories a little too small to warrant their own page.

Full Breeds

Luminous Grendels
These were my first full breed, and to date they remain my sole full breed. While playing around with GIMP and the .c16 plugin, I found a quick way to apply a filter to every single image in a .c16 file. With that in mind, I found one I liked, applied it to the standard C3 grendels, and came up with these. It's easy to tell how hastily they were made; their sprites are a little miscolored in places and full of transparent spots. Sometimes I've thought about coming back to them and fixing all those little errors, but I just don't have the patience.
Genetically, they're friendly, social CFE grendels who get benefits from being kept in bright places. They come with an agent to make them actually emit light, but I wouldn't recommend injecting it as it might interfere with their ability to find one another due to how the EMIT CAOs command works.
They occupy Grendel Slot O.
Originally hosted at Creatures @ CU7, I put them up here after that website went down. Consider installing the BD patch if your grendels look a bit wonky.


Artemia Grendels
A pack of six naturally bred grendels from a wolfling run ran in my Artemia Sea development world. These grendels have gills, are reasonably social, and can swim with my Swimming Agent from childhood onwards.
They were a release of mine for the CCSF 2014. They're basically a prototype version of the Artemia Grendel breed on the Genetics Breed page, with some natural mutations.

Breed Fixes

Maraquan Arm Fix
A fix for Trix's Maraquan Grendels. This makes it so that the arms of adolescent and older grendels don't detach at the elbow. Trix actually made a fix like this herself, but apparently forgot to upload it to her site and so it was lost. Since those floating arms really bugged me I decided to remake the fix myself, and I think it came out excellently for a first attempt at creating body data.