C3/DS Older Genetic Breeds

This set of breeds were created in the first few years of the Realm's existence (or slightly before). They lack some of the edits of my most recent breeds, though they can still be assumed to have the following:
  • CFE Edits - Norns are completely CFE; Grendels and Ettins lack the ForF lobe edit but are CFE otherwise. These edits allow for smarter decisions and overall better survival rates than unaltered creatures.
  • Gizmo Norn Balanced Biochemistry - All species here have this set of edits. It ensures that they will not make it to breeding age unless they eat something (from birth, a creature with these edits lasts around 10 minutes before starving, compared to a normal norn's 30 minutes, and a normal grendel's/ettin's hour and a half).
  • All species here have had their boredom-related instincts silenced. Coupled with the CFE edits, this edit makes them more adaptable when it comes to preferences.
  • The grendels have the pregancy problem fixed, as well as a reproductive system closer to that of a norn. 


These guys are technically the third version of my Water Predators (V1 and V2 can be found at CU7). The core idea of the Water Predator, for those of you unfamiliar with the breed, was basically the standard C3 grendel made aquatic. The Hydrolisks add a few things onto that formula (namely, they have facial expressions, gender-specific coloring, and CFE edits), but they're still essentially aquatic Jungle Grendels. As such, keeping them around your norns is not advised. Oh yeah, these guys can swim if you use the New Swimming Agent.
They were initially released during the CCSF 2010. As they didn't get a preview image there I decided to put them up here.
The Hydrolisks lack the balanced biochemistry edit, since I made them before the benefits of that edit became apparent and I'm happy with them regardless.
Banshee Hydrolisks
Like the previous two versions, the Hydrolisks also have a variation based on Banshee Grendels. Generally speaking, the Banshee Water Predators are similar to the normal Water Predators in concept. However, they've always been able to obtain nutrition from hitting other creatures in addition to normal foodstuffs. The Banshee Hydrolisks have an optimized diet compared to their Water Predator ancestors - they usually won't eat seeds, etc. because between norns and critters they have access to all the nutrition they need. That said, they can still eat those things and benefit from them. The Banshee Hydrolisks also tend to be less angry than the previous versions, although that depends partly on how hungry they are.
Besides that (and the gender-specific coloration and CFE edits that the Hydrolisks also recieved), they're aquatic Banshee Grendels who can swim with the New Swimming Agent. Norns beware.
These guys were initially released alongside Past Seas during the CCSF 2011 - a full year behind the normal Hydrolisks. Lazy developer is lazy.
The Banshee Hydrolisks also don't have the balanced biochemistry edits, for the same reasons as the normal Hydrolisks.

Waterfall Grendels V3
The Waterfall Grendels are among my personal favorites of my breeds. As their natural home is near a waterfall, they have adapted to live in cool, moist areas. As such, keep them out of the hot, dry climates - it can be detrimental to their health. 
Waterfall Grendels live longer and age slower than normal grendels, as well as being overall friendly towards your other creatures. 
Version 3 is hydrophobic and should generally know when it's time to get out of the water, which makes up for the fact that they can't last quite as long as V1 could. Considering that the bugs and critters this breed loves to eat are often found underwater, this helps to keep them around longer when they're left to their own devices. 
Like their previous versions, V3 comes with a waterfall and a species of mushroom. Both agents have received a sprite overhaul thanks to Mea. The mushrooms go through life a little faster, as well as having a seed dispenser and a new sprite that completely eliminates the floating mushroom problem the previous two versions had. The waterfall is now portable, and can be picked up and moved to wherever you wish to keep your grendels. 

Metallophagus Grendels V1
Originally, these grendels were a rather quickly done breed I made for April Fools' Day 2010. Their name means roughly "Metal-Eater," and as that name suggests they feed primarily by hitting gadgets and machinery. As a result of their diet, they lost the ability to digest organic foodstuffs (seeds, fruit, etc.) and now those give them a bit of a stomachache and next to nothing nutritionally. Heavy Metals gives them an immune boost, and they're also quite resistant to slapping. 
Besides that, they're generally friendly grendels who live for a long time (although they do reach adulthood rather quickly). While on the whole I like V2 much better, V1 is a better choice if you want to ship a grendel breed to Amaikokonut's Live Nornish Action (where their diet allows them to thrive).
I believe the Metallophagus Grendels don't have the balanced biochemistry edit or the boredom instinct edit - they were made before I made it a point to include either.

Metallophagus Grendels V2
The first version of the Metallophagus Grendels "ate" gadgets and machinery by hitting it. The second version can and will actually eat gadgets and machinery that they can pick up provided the "Edible Gadgets" agent is injected. In addition, they also are benefited heavily by Heavy Metals (they get an immune boost, several organs can repair themselves better, and they can oxidize it should they be in dire need of nutrition). As with V1, they can't digest organic foodstuffs (seeds, fruit, etc.)
Their lifespan is relatively long, and they aren't extremely fast breeders. While they're generally friendly, overcrowding them or otherwise harassing them is a bad idea, as they'll retaliate rather painfully. 
They come with a special food item, the Techno-Organic Carrot, that provides them with all the nutrition they need. A patch of carrots can help keep your more important gadgets safe from hungry grendels. The sprites for the carrot were helpfully made by Mea. 

Moonshadow Grendels V2
The original Moonshadow Grendels were a breed I made back on Gameware. They used the Phantom/Ghost Norn agent to become invisible, but were somewhat buggy because I didn't implement its usage right, and it wasn't particularly well-coded anyway. For my 20th birthday, I decided to give them the update they sorely needed - and the result was easily the best breed I've made up to this point. 
Like V1, they can become invisible, making them extremely dangerous to norns. However, this is balanced out by the fact that they're very frail - a normal norn would outlast them in a fight if the norn was determined enough. In addition, they're also rather cowardly - cloaked, they harass your norns with impunity. Uncloaked, they'll run away crying the second someone slaps them. They're a bit like the C2 Boney Grendels in that regard.
They live slightly longer than banshee grendels (whose genome they're based on), but can't breed until adulthood. To make up for the fact that they spend a lot of the time invisible, the sexual cycle runs through both males and females. 
They come in both Banshee and Standard Grendel variants (besides color and appearance, the two are identical). Use whichever one you have the sprites for (or both, if you so desire). The agent they use is their own (though similar to the Phantom/Ghost Norns' agent). 

 Friendly Banshee Grendels 
What it says on the tin. These banshee grendels rarely (if ever) get angry, are nice to your norns and feel just as comfortable around them as they would around other grendels, and feel at home in the norn home. In fact, if they hit another creature they get hurt slightly (it won't make them frown and flinch if they hit unless they persist, but it's usually enough so that they stop after a few blows). 

Aqua Grendels
These grendels are based on the old tried-and-true concept of an amphibious grendel, namely the now-lost breed of the same name by Sandra Symansky. They're pretty generic as far as aquatic creatures go - they're resistant to cold, have a diet that mostly consists of bugs and critters, and are more placid (but not completely peaceful, mind you) than standard grendels. That said, they're a generic aquatic breed that's up to my current standards, and for that I'm pretty pleased with them.

Swimming Aqua Grendels
Another breed whose name is pretty self-explanatory. Everything that applies to the standard Aqua Grendels also applies to these. That said, these guys have a few differences that don't apply to the normal variety (besides the obvious): they walk around on all fours for most of their life, are a little more social than the standard, and have the swim bladder edits from the Astro Tetras in order to make female egg laying go a little faster.

W-Runner Grendels
These grendels started out as a quick breed I made for an IQ wolfling run long ago (hence the name - the "W" stands for "Wolfling), before undergoing many renovations to the product you see here. The final result is designed both for wolfling runs and for general Docking Station gameplay. Unlike a lot of my breeds, they're more a bunch of small tweaks put together rather than being built around a single dominating concept or feature.
Their most notable feature is that they'll follow smells and use elevators and doors from birth, which gives them an advantage over other creatures in an IQ test. They also age slower than normal grendels do, meaning they have to survive for longer before they can breed. They are considerably less likely to get lonely than normal grendels are, but at the same time they also don't crowd quite as easily. They don't get angry anywhere near as easily as normal grendels, though they're still not going to be friendly towards norns most of the time. Finally, they cannot get homesick, and have instincts to use warp portals should they get crowded or overly pained.

Colorful Grendels
The Colorful Grendels were my sole breed release for the CCSF 2013. They're also one of my simplest breeds; apart from the obvious color, they're based on the ChiChi genome with some edits to make them more grendel-like (e.g. they're more likely to start stealing eggs). Apart from that, their colors are less likely to go away as the generations go on.
I plan on expanding this breed with more color varieties and sub-breeds as time goes on. For that reason, they have their own page (click "Download").

Facticius Grendels of Minimordor
The Facticius Grendels of Minimordor, also known as the Forged, are a variant of Minisauron's Arimeides Grendels of Minimordor. They are so named to reflect their history of being artificially enhanced as opposed to naturally bred like their ancestors were (the word "Facticius" roughly means "artificial" or "man-made" in Latin). For the most part, they are similar to the Arimeides, although they also share a number of features with the Ueber-GoMs (also made by Minisauron) and bring a few new features into the GoM gene pool (such as Vampess's CFE edits). 
Being based on someone else's breed, they lack most of my usual edits (apart from the aforementioned CFE edits).


Twilight Norns
The Twilight Norns had their start as a magma-based genetic breed I made a long time ago, but never released. Their precursors were photosensitive, very aggressive hardman-draconian crosses.
These twilight norns are not photosensitive, but have a night theme regardless. They're resistant to coldness, can play with all the nastiness of nature with no ill effect, and tend to stay awake for longer periods of time than normal norns do. They call the Jungle home and females will go there to lay their eggs. They also resist ATP Decoupler and Cyanide, the former moreso than the latter. 
They are loners who dislike crowds, and they also are a bit aggressive (although they're still much calmer than hardmen). As a result, an overly crowded Twilight Norn is very likely to start beating the heck out of other nearby norns if he or she cannot get out of them (and sometimes even if he or she can). Twilight Norns are resistant to slapping, making this less of a problem among their own breed. Your other norns aren't likely to appreciate the behavior, though - so you might want to keep tabs on your twilights lest they start going on a killing spree. 
As you can see, the Twilight Norns use the Hardman Norn sprites. You can still use the Twilights if you don't have the hardman norns, but they may cause issues with the C3 egg layer, in addition to not resembling the Twilights in the picture.

Coral Reef ChiChi Norns
As their name suggests, these are aquatic chichi norns that wouldn't be out of place on a coral reef. When I say aquatic, I mean completely aquatic - they cannot breathe on land. They gradually change colors as they age - the picture above shows their adult coloration; they start out with a more subdued purple hue. Beyond that, they supplement their diet with critters and bugs and are quite social. They cannot breed until adulthood (normal chichi norns can breed at youth). Pretty standard as far as aquatic breeds go, but they'll certainly liven up any ocean that they happen to make their home in. 

Reef Gliders
The name "Reef Glider" comes from a theoretical animal (a type of swimming sea slug) from the documentary The Future is Wild (a great show and an interesting watch, albeit one that's a little dated). That, Clohse's Sea Monkey Marina, and Angelneko's Little SeaMonsters were the big inspirations for these norns.
The Reef Gliders aren't particularly complicated - in fact, they're more or less similar to the Aquanorns. They gain the ability to swim, as well as a partially carnivorous diet, at adolescence. They're a little less likely to get overcrowded, as well. They'd probably be happier in warmer waters as they don't have a resistance to cold like many other aquatic breeds do. 
They do use the Toxic Norn sprites, which might be a bit of an issue to those of you who didn't buy them when the shop was still open. Fortunately, you can still use them without issue even if you don't have the Toxic spriteset (although they won't look like the picture and won't have an egg glyph on the Norn Egg Layer or Muco). 


 Unreleased Breeds
A pack of breeds that, for whatever reason, I did not feel the urge to release when I finished them. Most of them are pretty old and unpolished, but I imagine there are some people who will have some fun with them regardless.
Note that this pack is actually a mix of C2 and C3/DS breeds (though there is more C3/DS stuff than C2 stuff in it) - it's mentioned on both pages.