C1 Downloads

On this page, you can find all the things I've made for Creatures 1. There's not a whole lot here - just a bunch of genetic grendel breeds; most of which can also be found at the CCSF 2007 site.
All of these grendels are based upon the Multi-Colored Grendels by Slink. Among other things, this means they can breed and have flight-or-fight genes.

Aqua Grendels
Okay, not "Aqua" grendels per say. These are my interpretation of an aquatic creature if such a thing were truly possible in Creatures 1 (which lacks water). Among other things, they're cold-resistant and have a better immune system.

Crab-Eater Grendels
These are a quirky breed I made to go along with Steve Dismuke's Coconut Crabs. While they can and will eat normal food, they mostly subsist on critters - namely, the aforementioned Crab COB (which can be obtained from Fig's Tree, which happens to still be up). The crabs have made them so resistant to pain that it's rare to see one actually flinch. These guys are my second favorite of my C1 breeds currently.

Erzan Grendels
Translation of the name: Random gibberish that I thought up and found fitting. No, I'm not kidding (I named my C2 Kartark Grendels in the same way).
These grendels are basically reverse Shee. The Shee is a warm-blooded creature that can suffer from hypothermia. The Erzan Grendels are warm-blooded creatures that can suffer from hyperthermia - that is, they can overheat if their internal cooling system malfunctions. That's their main gimmick, although they're also slightly more placid than the standard grendels.

Light Grendels
These were the first breed I made for C1, inspired by dabblings in making a photosensitive grendel. These guys get all their nutrition from light and don't need to eat much.
They're my least favorite of my breeds, mostly due to the fact that they're very sloppy by my current standards (among their other features: immunity to glycotoxin. Yeah, there goes all the challenge of keeping one of these buggers...).

Scortch Grendels
The Scortch Grendels feed off heat. If kept in a hot area, they typically won't need to eat. They're also quite resistant to heat. However, coldness has the opposite effect - it drains them of nutrients, makes them extremely hungry, and sends them into a state of sluggishness and torpor. In fact, cold is practically lethal to them. As a result, they're actually a bit more difficult to care for than standard grendels, as disease has the potential to inflict them with cold. If not cured rapidly, they'll die within several minutes.
I also tried making them slightly more aggressive than the standard grendel, but I don't think it worked out so well in practice. But oh well.

 Incubi Grendels
These grendels get most of their nutrition from physical contact with other creatures. As such, they spend a lot of time attempting to get other creatures to touch them - either through slapping or snogging. Despite this, they are pretty friendly and social (provided the Grendel Friendly COB is installed, that is).