Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to start releasing things!

The hiatus is more or less over now. However, I will say that you won't be able to expect a daily post anymore - naturally being a man of few words means that oftentimes I won't have a topic to make a post about. So updates won't be as frequent.

Okay, that was the bad news. The good news is that the projects mentioned in the past few posts are now getting wrapped up. In fact, one of them has been completed for a while - I just never bothered releasing it.

This is the first of the GM/Mea collab projects, and also one of the ones that she came up with (this is something I did for her in exchange of the stuff she's doing for me). The iceflower is an odd plant that has a tendency to rapidly cool down any area in which it grows. Not surprising, since nearly every part of it emanates coldness. It's great for cold loving creatures or for creatures with a bad case of fever toxin. However, Magma Norns and other heat lovers are advised to stay far away from anywhere this plant has established itself.

The iceflower works with both C3 and DS. Get it here!