Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Realm's First Anniversary

Like the title says. This day marks the first anniversary of the Realm's opening. I'm pleased with myself that I've been able to keep it running for this long, even if it's been rather inactive as of late.

So, considering that I tend to celebrate these sorts of things with a release, one would naturally think that I had one ready for this occassion.

Well...unfortunately, I could not think of anything to make. It's not helping matters that I spent most of the week slacking off (or swamping the CCaves breedlist with other people's breeds) and the day's about over here. So the only thing I have for anyone reading this today is this post (unless you're really wanting to settle for a really sloppy breed made in an hour or so).

But! Rest assured, I do have something planned. It's definitely not making it out tonight, but if all goes well it'll be out within 24 hours of this post. And to (belatedly) celebrate the Realm's first birthday, it will be really unorthodox to boot. Stay tuned; I'm not done yet.