Monday, September 1, 2014

The Featured Freak is in Action

It happened much later than I would've liked, but I've finally gotten around to reviving the Freak of the Week in the form of the Featured Freak.

What is the Featured Freak? Once or twice a month, I'll post a new genetically edited creature for you to download. These creatures aren't quite as in-depth as my genetic breeds, but nevertheless are built around concepts that may or may not become full breeds in the future.

It's pretty much the same thing as my previous Freak of the Week (which was inspired by Alien's Weekly Freak), just updated considerably less frequently so it's not as taxing. As with Freak of the Week, I accept submissions of your own genetically interesting creatures.

The first Featured Freak is Enya, a grendel who uses the ChiChi Norn genome and has a pretty purple color.

Here's hoping the Featured Freak lasts longer than Freak of the Week did.

In other news, I've extended the deadline for the contest in my last post - the last day for submissions is now the end of CCSF 2014, whenever that winds up being. The reason for this is because I only got one submission before the original deadline, and while there's interest it seems the current time is a bit too busy. So hopefully this will give you some leeway if you want to submit something.