Friday, June 28, 2013

C2 Anemones for the Garden Box

So I've been in a bit of a development rut lately, which is a very bad thing considering my birthday's coming up and I need to make a breed for that, and I'm also trying to make four breeds for the CCSF. This all on top of having a ton of unfinished projects (such as the Coral Reef ChiChi Norns).

This release is an extremely simple one, but it's an attempt for me to get out of that rut. If nothing else, it'll help liven up your oceans.

The anemones from Creatures 2 are now available for use with the Garden Box. They're classified as "plant," and will amuse any creature who decides to play with them. Beyond that, they're pretty much living decor for any saltwater area.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Aquanornia Revamp Update

After spending some more time with Aquanornia Revamped, I decided to do some remapping to increase navigability. There's been no CAOs or catalogue changes with this one, but you should at least have less incidences of having teleporting creatures, unreachable food items, and the like.

The update is available at the same link as before - you can download it on the C3/DS Downloads Page or here.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Old Release

So Draggy's recent experience with Creatures Village reminded me that I actually did some development for that game. Granted, it wasn't a whole lot, but it did make playing the game a little more interesting.

This little update will double the maximum size of your Creatures Village population (from 4 to 8), in addition to giving you more eggs to start with and letting the females lay more eggs. There are some side effects to this (the extra population bubbles sometimes obscure a detail or two, and sometimes your norns will lay an egg that can't be messed with until someone dies), but I found it did improve my experience with the game quite a bit. Maybe other CV players will find it useful.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Idea Dump Post Mk. II

I'm having trouble focusing again as far as Creatures goes. I keep thinking I'll make something, but then I get bored in the middle of making it, and eventually it gets to the point where I go "screw it" and lurk on TVTropes or Smogon or something instead of doing anything related to Creatures. This isn't anything new for me, but dear Banshee does it blow.

So I figured I'd make an idea dump post and see if I can get my thoughts in order. Nothing here is guaranteed to get made.
  • An aquatic grendel breed that's similar to the Aqua Grendels, but never feels homesick underwater (as in, if they get homesick dropping them in the sea gets rid of it). Might have GoM-like sexual dimorphism (fast-aging males that live to breed; normal aging females). 
  • A grendel breed based on mosquitoes - the males are friendly and have a normal diet, but females can feed by slapping around other creatures, and might need to in order to breed. Might also start out aquatic and become land-living as they age.
  • A vampire breed that can lengthen its lifespan by hitting other creatures, and will lose life when slapped itself.
  • Dragyns - a series of grendel breeds with draconic traits that use Draconian Norn sprites, with features tailored for a variety of environments. 
  • An ettin breed of some sort
  • Chameleon Grendels: Grendels that look like norns, presumably so that they can blend into a norn population. 
  • Potamogeton Grendels V2: An update to my Potamogeton Grendel breed, which are themselves an update of Grendel_slayer's Pondweed Grendels (updateception?). The original Potamogeton Grendels lacked some CFE edits (for example, they can still become immortal) and the homesickness reduction trait didn't work the way I intended it to.

Also in the "things I want to do" list: Do a feral run involving land-living grendels (thank you KittyTikara for making me want to do this). This is easier said than done for me since my taste in agents is really, really finicky.

Not certain if I'll get out of this rut any time soon (though I did manage to mostly complete a norn breed, so that's something). I seriously need ADHD meds or something. x_x