Thursday, August 20, 2015

CCSF 2015 Finalized

The CCSF 2015 planning process is now over. Thanks to all who contributed!

The final festival will look something like this:
  • CCSF 2015 starts Sunday, November 1st.
  • It will last for One Week unless enough submissions are sent in to justify making it longer.
  • It will be hosted on its own website
  • The themes are Community Endurance/Longevity, Ecology, and Seasons.
  • The coordinator-hosted events are:
    • Community Wolfling Run
    • Creature Adoption Sampler
    • CC Chat Flashmob
Further information about those events will be here in due time. For now, I hope this gives people some idea about what to expect. 

As for me, my workload just increased by a lot. Wish me luck.