Thursday, August 14, 2014

How About a Contest?

So I got around to adding the edits mentioned in my last post into my base C3/DS genomes (well, my base chichi norn and grendel genomes, anyway), as well as an additional edit to enable them to process lactate (it's not a full-on cycle as it is in the CFF, but it ensures that lactate won't hang around for the entirety of the creature's lifespan). They're now ready for use in a proper genetic breed. The problem is that I can't come up with an idea for a breed. I suppose I could just "doodle" and get something that way, but that takes a while. Instead of ruminating on it for ages, I decided instead to involve the community.

Sometimes when I run low on ideas, I like browsing TCR or the adoptions section at CCaves to see if there's a particular individual who might prove inspiring. For this contest, I want you to upload such creatures. If your submission wins, it'll become a full breed.

So here's the rules:
*This is for C3/DS only - no C1 or C2 submissions!
*Find an interesting creature in your worlds. Appearance and species doesn't matter much, though since I don't have an ettin genome ready quite yet ettins aren't as likely to win as norns and grendels are. That's not to say an ettin can't win, however; an ettin certainly can if it appeals to me enough.
*Upload this creature to either TCR or CCave's adoption center, along with a brief description of how you imagine the breed based on your submission to be like. Do take care to ensure that the breed's features are actually possible in-game! You're not going to win if your breed relies on eating walls (for example).
*Only one submission per user! Also, you will have to upload a completely new creature for the contest - I won't accept already uploaded creatures.
*This should be obvious since I'm basing the breed on a creature, but just to make sure: the result of this contest will be a genetic breed - it will not have sprites of its own! I don't have the patience to make a full breed, not to mention my art skills are pretty bad, so I will not make a full breed unless you want to make the sprites for me.

I hope that explains everything, but feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear (which is always a possibility with me).

Submissions will be open until August 28 or until submissions die off. I'll post the winner a few days afterwards. Here's hoping I'll get some interesting creatures!

Until the next one, folks.