Sunday, June 28, 2015

CCSF 2015 Survey #2

It's been long enough since I first posted CCSF 2015 Survey #1 that I feel it's time to move on to the next stages of planning for CCSF 2015.

Here are the initial results for CCSF 2015 Survey #1. As a reminder, you can still submit responses to Survey #1 if you wish; it'll remain open throughout the planning process.

CCSF 2015 Survey #2 is now ready to go! This is the more standard one that asks about themes and whatnot.

Furthermore, I've decided to officially open submissions for the CCSF 2015. Please send those to ccsf(dot)2015(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I have my own set of thoughts about the themes and other things about the CCSF 2015, and I'll post those here (copied from the Creatures Caves topic):

"I'm in favor of the traditional November date. It's worked out well enough for the past however many CCSFs, and it'll offer a decent amount of time for people to work on contributions from now until the festival's start. However, I am open to the idea of changing the festival's length; in the past, the distribution of the submissions throughout the festival sometimes got pretty thin. Having a bunch of more tightly packed releases over, say, one week could possibly make for a better CCSF than a bunch of sparsely distributed releases over two.

For the place for hosting it...I would rather not host the CCSF 2015 on Creatures Caves if I have a better option. Although 2014 at least tried to stand out more, the two CCaves CCSFs had massive trouble differentiating themselves from the rest of the site and they suffered for it as a result. Furthermore, one of the replies to Survey #1 made a very good point: hosting it here made the CCSF look like a feature of Creatures Caves when in reality it should be an event that spans the entire community. It's the sort of event that absolutely needs its own website.

Where would I put it instead? I'd love to have it be at, the traditional hosting place of the CCSF, but sadly I'm not sure how feasible that is. Worst come to worst I can put it on Blogger ala CCSF 2012, since that festival was, at least to me, one of the best, but if anyone has a better idea then say so in the survey.

Finally, the theme. I have an idea of my own I've been pondering ever since I chose to take the task of coordinating: the will to survive.

No, this isn't Darwinism or any other scientific related thing. I'm talking about the community's will to survive. The will that, long after the demise of Creatures Labs, keeps us playing this series, finding new things about it years after its release, and forging new addons for it when it could have died so long ago. We're still talking about it, sharing our findings and the fruits of our labors, and showing off all that we've done with and for it. Years after we've practically been abandoned, we're still alive and refuse to die.

This is the will that the CCSF is a testament to, and ultimately celebrating."