Thursday, October 22, 2015

More CCSF News

Good news regarding the CCSF: turns out I won't be needing to relinquish coordination duties after all.

However, I have also decided to delay the CCSF 2015 for both the original circumstances and because I'm just so horribly lazy that everything wouldn't be ready by the original start date.

The new start date for the CCSF 2015 is Sunday, November 29. Hopefully, the extra month should be enough for both me and everyone else who wants to contribute to the CCSF 2015.

In addition, I am looking for someone else to host the CCSF Community Wolfling Run, as I'm a bit overloaded as it is and unable to stream it even though I would like to. If you're interested in taking up the task, please contact me at ccsf(dot)2015(at)yahoo(dot)com.