Monday, October 12, 2015

CCSF 2015 Needs New Coordinator

As promised, here is some more CCSF 2015 news. Unfortunately, it's not good news this time.

Crossposted from Creatures Caves:

So guys, I've got some bad news. It turns out I'm getting surgery a few days before the CCSF's due to start. While it's not all that major, I don't know if I'll be able to handle running the CCSF as a result.

So chances are I'm going to have to pass the reins to someone else. Truth be told, I was rather doubtful of my ability to coordinate to begin with (case in point: details for the community wolfling run and CC Chat flashmob should have been released at the beginning of the month yet I haven't posted anything about them since the polls ended). This is just sealing the deal.

Since it's not for another two weeks I'll still be able to receive submissions and maybe work on the website if it's ready before then, but I likely won't be able to actually make daily posts for the website, run the wolfling run, or basically anything that requires daily attention.

I hate to be such a downer, but sometimes real life is just a *arg*. If you're interested in taking over coordination, please e-mail me at (ccsf(dot)2015(at)yahoo(dot)com.