Howdy! I imagine at least a few people who come to this website may not know who I am, or what Creatures is. Even if they do, perhaps they'd like to know some other things. So that's what this page is for.

About Creatures

Creatures is a series of life simulation games developed by Creature Labs, with the first game being released on November 11, 1996. The last released game came out in 2001, but since 2011 there's been attempts to develop a mobile addition to the series. Series creator Steve Grand is also currently working on a spiritual successor called Grandroids. 

The games revolve around the titular Creatures: Norns, Grendels, and (in Creatures 2 and beyond) Ettins. The stated goal is to raise a family of the cute, peaceful Norns; tending to their needs, teaching them to survive, and eventually breeding them. Along the way, one has to contend with the threat of the other two species (particularly Grendels, who were set up as the vicious archenemy as the Norns), disease, and occasionally the Norns' own stupidity. 

Creatures differentiates itself from other games with a similar goal by having very little scripted behavior. Instead, drawing inspiration from real life, the Creatures instead learn from experience, leading to spontaneous behavior. They also have their own digitial DNA, which means they can develop in new directions as the generations go on. 

Creatures is also notable in that there's nothing forcing a player towards any one goal. One's simply given a world, a way of obtaining Norn eggs, and then set free to do whatever they want. Many players opt for the suggestion and raise a family of Norns, but there's nothing stopping them from hatching Norns and then just watching them, ignoring the Norns entirely in favor of Grendels or Ettins, doing something that doesn't involve the Creatures at all, and so on. In short, Creatures is a rather versatile game. 

For more information, see The Creatures Wiki.

About Me

I'm D.L. Yomegami (formerly known as Grendel Man, GrendeMan, or Grendel_Man). It's a name I derived from mashing a bunch of Japanese words together and appending the initials for "Dark Lord" to the front for a business card look. 

I've been playing Creatures for a really long time, My mom brought home Creatures 3 sometime around 2001, and being the sort of person I am I fell in love with it. I didn't get a chance to experience the community until sometime around 2004-2005 (when we got internet access for the first time), and I didn't join the community proper until around 2006. But I've been a member ever since.

I freaking love Grendels. In fact, my primary reason for getting into Creatures development was that there weren't enough Grendel breeds to go around. Ten years and 100+ breeds later, I think I've done my part to rectify the situation. I'm not so prolific now since my interests have shifted around and I'm not as interested in this game as I used to be.

Outside of Creatures, I'm a gamer who plays any game she happens to find interesting. I generally like RPGs and platformers the most, and I'm also primarily a Nintendo and indie person. I also am an aspiring writer, whose hobbies include not actually writing (I am lazy). I've been trying to get into anime as well, but my tastes are very specific and I'm overly worried about embarrassing myself.

I'm generally a nice girl who likes making people happy. However, if you want to act like a jerk or a complete moron, don't expect me to treat you nicely.

About This Website

This is my Creatures blog, which I started back in March of 2012. It was originally called "My Little Hole," but I changed it to "The Realm" a few months later as the original name...had some implications I'd rather people didn't think about. 

Given I'm horribly lazy and haven't been overly interested in Creatures as of late, this blog hasn't been updated much recently and probably will continue to remain mostly quiet. When I do post, it's usually a new download, plans for future projects, or just something I've observed about the game or the community surrounding it.