Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Challenge for a Breed

First off: the "unorthodox release" I mentioned in my last post isn't happening. At least, not in the way I originally intended it. One part of the release was a genetic breed - I got to the point where I made the egg agent and zipped up the file, but after observing the breed in a wolfling run and making some observations of Minisauron's Ueber-GoMs, I came up with some more ideas for them. As such, the breed's still being tweaked. I'll get it out eventually.

The other part of the release was a DS world designed for a wolfling run, complete with IQ test and Ovicidal Agent. It, unfortunately, is never coming to fruition, unless this is something people would be very interested in.

While I'm working away on the aforementioned genetic breed, I have a challenge to offer. After looking over CU7's C3/DS breedlist and noticing how many breeds have a standard CL genome, I came up with the idea to make a new genome for each of them. I'm willing to let the community pick which breed I work on first, but there's a price: Before I do anything related to this project, I want to see 10 creatures submitted to the Creature Repository. There's an additional caveat to that: the 10 creatures cannot be submitted by one person. One person can submit 2 creatures maximum - the remainder of the 10 need to be submitted by other people.

I think it's a fair tradeoff: bring some activity to a site who sorely needs it, and a breed gets a new and unique genome to call its own. Once the TCR quota is met, I'll open up a vote for the genome revamp.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Realm's First Anniversary

Like the title says. This day marks the first anniversary of the Realm's opening. I'm pleased with myself that I've been able to keep it running for this long, even if it's been rather inactive as of late.

So, considering that I tend to celebrate these sorts of things with a release, one would naturally think that I had one ready for this occassion.

Well...unfortunately, I could not think of anything to make. It's not helping matters that I spent most of the week slacking off (or swamping the CCaves breedlist with other people's breeds) and the day's about over here. So the only thing I have for anyone reading this today is this post (unless you're really wanting to settle for a really sloppy breed made in an hour or so).

But! Rest assured, I do have something planned. It's definitely not making it out tonight, but if all goes well it'll be out within 24 hours of this post. And to (belatedly) celebrate the Realm's first birthday, it will be really unorthodox to boot. Stay tuned; I'm not done yet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Breeds and the Creatures Caves Breedlist

In case you haven't noticed, one of my breeds - the Twilight Norns - has finally appeared on CCave's breedlist. I wasn't the person who did so, but as adding my breeds to the list there is low priority for me at the moment I really don't mind if other people want to go ahead and do so.

However, before you start flooding the CCaves breedlist with my stuff, I have one request: Please do NOT just copy-paste the description and image provided here at the Realm onto the Creatures Caves breedlist. It's a major pet peeve of mine when people do that; even if it is convenient, I find that it makes for a much nicer-looking breedlist when people provide their own images and description when listing breeds - it's part of the reason why I find CU7's breedlist to be one of the nicest around, even if it hasn't been updated in a while.

I'll probably get to it myself once I don't have college to worry about (read: when I'm out for the summer), but this notice is for anyone who wants to beat me to it.