Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miscellaneous Stuff

I noticed there was a bug with the Edible Gadgets agent included with the Metallophagus Grendels - there was a typo that could affect the edibility of some gadgets. I've fixed this - it should be available in the initial release post, but you can also get the new agent file here. Just use the Remover to get rid of the old version and then inject this version to update your world.

I've also made a version the agent that works with Geats - specifically Gaius - and is therefore tailored to the stims they use. It was made by request of Ghosthande. Download this agent here, but do note that I haven't tested it very thoroughly - just enough to know that Gaius can use it effectively. 

And that's that.


  1. Can the two gadget script work together? I want to be able to raise the geats with the grendels.

    1. They should be able to. The geat script only applies to the geat species, and therefore shouldn't conflict with the grendels.