Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sea Garden Preview

So I finally figured out a way around my GIMP problem - as it turns out, Edos (part of Jagent) is perfectly capable of working with .png files, and can turn a bunch of them into a .c16 file at once to boot. So I just use GIMP to resize seeds and whatnot, and use Edos for the actual sprite compiling. I still can't do anything with .blk files, but I usually don't use GIMP to edit those anyway.

Which means I've finally stopped slacking and started working on the Sea Garden:
I'm actually more or less done with this particular plant now (all I need to do is code the vendor), and while they still emit a copious amount of seeds, they're not quite as prolific as this picture suggests. By the way, the grendels in the picture are a project in and of themselves; while they were made primarily to test the Sea Garden, I'll probably tweak their genome a bit more and release them alongside the completed Sea Garden.

When will the Sea Garden be done? I don't know, considering that Mea's still working on the sprites. I'm hoping it'll be out by the CCSF at the latest, but I make no promises.

Edit: Also, you may or may have not noticed the new Fish Tank gadget. You can click on the area to feed the fish, and if they aren't eating the fish will cuddle up to the mouse pointer expecting food. It's not particularly special, but it is a fun little time waster. Hopefully, it doesn't slow down the other, more important parts of the blog too much.


  1. Very nice, Grendel Man! An underwater area is most definitely needed... I used to want to get really involved with an underwater population, but never got around to it because land breeds had a lot more options. Hopefully this will be a CCSF release, for it would be a wonderful one!

  2. I'm working on modeling the nautilus right now. Trying to get it positioned & fitting in the shell properly is being just a little troublesome, but hopefully I should have it done in a day or two. Seeing the picture of the sponges was just the kick I needed to get me focused on spriting the small stuff again.

    The little fish tank is fun. :P

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across this post :)
    (no, I don't actually troll the internet for these, though I probably should xP )
    What is it that you're having trouble with, with blk's?