Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Metaroom Developers....

Please stop making walls like this. Your baby creatures will thank you, and personally I'll be much happier.

Grendel Man


  1. Yikes, thank you for the reminder. I'll make sure the metaroom backgrounds I'm working on take this into account.

  2. Having never designed a metaroom myself I'm not actually sure what's causing the problem there. Although I've seen the wall hugging issue plenty of times and it's damn annoying.
    What is it exactly that's causing the problem? Is it just how steep the wall is?

    1. I believe it's the steepness of the wall, yes. What I think is causing the problem is the baby creature's foot not hitting the floor when it takes a step. As a result, it either stays in one place or winds up going backwards when it attempts to climb down an overly steep wall.