Saturday, July 14, 2012

Semi-Scenario World: Tevaela

Thanks to everyone (all 3 of you) who replied to my previous post. After reading them and mulling it over, I decided to do something that's not normal for this blog, but is a fairly common occurrence elsewhere: make a world and detail what goes in it.

I decided to call the world Tevaela, after the name I gave to a fictional otherworld in a story I was working on writing (and might finish someday). I think it's fitting, given that this world is based around the C2toDS metaroom:
I'm so original, aren't I? It's not like two other blogs already have a world based around this metaroom. Actually, I've been wanting to run a C2toDS-based world for a while. It's a big room with lots of varied environments (being a full game itself once does that). The problem I had with it previously? It's a big room with lots of empty space that was difficult to customize. However, a few recent releases have made it much easier to get this room into a state where I'm happy with the setup, not the least of which would be the Magic Words Room Edits (which made making the world navigable a lot less tedious). 
A little offtopic, but that screenshot also shows just how big the screen on my new computer is.

For the sake of brevity, I'm not posting a bunch of pictures detailing every single little thing I did to the metaroom. Instead, I'll list what the main changes were:
  • Added a bunch of extra food sources not native to the metaroom, either by going to the Agent Injector and dropping them in normally, or through the CAOs Tool. 
  • Ripped the sprites for JayD's Ocean Bridges from the original C2 and plopped them over the oceans, as well as removing the rowboat and inflatable raft.
  • Added CA links, as well as modifying the lifts so that they had a pull script (they only have a push script by default. Although said push script will make the lift go up or down based on the creature's up/down drive, creatures aren't rigged to push lift when they want to go down, and I can't be arsed to teach them otherwise). 
  • Removed the Death Cap mushrooms. It's not so much that I don't like the threat they pose, but because their seeds are classified as such, but are inedible. I don't need a bunch of creatures trying to eat them and getting confused. 
I also pimped out the oceans a bit:

Since I'm not planning on putting creatures in the seas (at least, not immediately), you won't be seeing much of either ocean. So I decided to put pictures of them up now, so you can at least see what's down there (and also to show off the bridges, since they didn't get into the previous picture).

So, why did I label this world as a "Semi-Scenario" world? Simply put, the term means I'm not going to just hatch a bunch of creatures and turn them loose. What I'm planning on doing here is something similar to the (C3/DS) worlds at Discover Albia and Confessions of a Shee (moreso the latter than the former). I'm planning on having a bunch of females running around, but only one male. When that male dies, one of his sons will take over as the resident Lord, and so on and so forth. Beyond this, Tevaela is otherwise a normal DS world.

For the time being, I've decided to stick to norns, though being me I'll definitely drop grendels into the world at some point. I do want this to be a mixed species world, but I haven't decided if I want the grendels to be malevolent or peaceful towards the norns.

There you have it: The initial introduction to Tevaela. I'll soon introduce the initial population, either tomorrow or possibly later tonight. It depends on when I finally decide on what breeds to use.


  1. Wow this project I'm really excited in seeing how this world develops. One quick question how did you manage to fix JayD's Ocean Bridges from the original C2 as I wasn't aware they had successfully been ported over from c2 to C2toDS. (I've tried it before in the past but like most of the additional world add ons they don't work and failed to inject into the world) So I would be very interested in seeing a posted version of it that actually works.

    1. They've never been ported to my knowledge - I just used a bunch of CAOs to get them into my game.

      I don't intend on releasing them because I didn't save the code for them (and said code only injected the bridges without positioning them - I positioned them and altered the room permeability manually), plus the upcoming Garden Box coupled with the MW Room Edits can easily replicate their presence and the fact that a future release of C2toDS will have safety precautions to prevent creatures from jumping (hopefully the next one). Apologies if you found that disappointing.

  2. Looks very interesting, Grendel Man! You've done a great job customizing Tevaela: Everything looks wonderful so far! Now I really have to start getting active again... This is making me miss Creatures even more than I already do. Can't wait to see what unfolds!