Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tevaela: The First Generation

Well, I've gotten my norns together. It's time to introduce the initial generation of Tevaela. These little ones have quite the world to explore.

 First up is the future Lord of Tevaela, D'Artenegan (the character who he's named after actually spelled it "d'Artagnan," but I think my spelling looks a little nicer). He is pure CFE Siamese despite his limbs (Siamese + Draconian appeals to me for some reason), but he has been genetically edited to have a much stronger response to the antigens, resistance to slapping, a tendency to eat critters, and a slightly increased lifespan. He's also color edited, but at the moment it doesn't stand out too much - it will get more obvious once he gets older.

The first half of six girls are simply ordinary CFE norns from Muco. Not much to say about their genetics, but a few CFEs are good for keeping the general intelligence level up. I chose a Bengal, ChiChi, and Zebra because I tend to like the more natural-looking breeds over the more fancy-looking ones (Astro, Harlequin, etc.). I also didn't go with any of the official breeds with edited genetics as I didn't feel any of them really meshed well.

The other three girls come from TCR. Queenie was chosen because she had pretty colors, Matoko had a pretty color and pretty wings, and Warpish was chosen for her interesting genetics. Since the other three girls are pretty ordinary looking and D'Artenegan is only mildly colored, I thought some TCR stock might liven up the population a bit.

Here's everyone at a glance, in the positions I left them in after exiting the world. I'll begin the chronicle proper tomorrow, but from what I've seen so far someone's getting slappy (I think it's Bonita, but I'm not too sure), and Warpish seems to be averse to eating (when her follow TCR creatures dug right in). We'll see how this turns out.

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  1. Great mix of Norns! It's nice to see a few standard Norns, along with a bunch of interesting ones from TCR. Queenie stands out the most to me, as I've always been partial to aqua and light blue. Hopefully D'Artenegan will grow up well and have some interesting children! On a side note, I'm anxious to get back to playing again, although I'm finishing up one big project before getting back into my worlds. It's wonderful that C2toDS is available... I've always loved the graphics!